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Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong city

Policarpio Street, it is a 150m Street in Mandaluyong city which transforms to a wonderland every “ber months. Different Christmas lights were being used to covered the houses of the residents here. From their doors, towers, rooftops and garage. They residents here started decking their houses with Christmas lightsat the year 1995, the owners believe that if they will spend to much effort in decorating their houses with grandiose christmas lights then it would make their street really famous. Most houses here are elegant and its like a huge Christmas gift wrapped in multicolored christmas lights. But there are also houses here in Policarpio that does not give to much effort in decorating their houses. Maybe because they’re afraid that their electric bill might be doubled. According to Anastacio Lagman, they have been holding and continuing this festive celebration for the past eight or nine years. “Here in the community, we are very close. In one of our regular meetings, one suggested to display Christmas decor in front of our houses to make our celebration merry and meaningful. We encouraged unity among the residents and require them to do the same, that is how it all started,” he uttered.

Policarpio is one of the many places that we should go during Christmas so that we could feel the true essence of Christmas and for us also to enjoy the simple to grandiose decorations in every houses of Policarpio Street.

Photo courtesy by Photobucket